Welcome to Cultural Fusion Quilts blog.

This blog is a space to share handmade crafts and inspirations from around the world. To focus on emotions and memories they evoke and share the quilts created with those elements in mind. Although creativity flows in all directions, this living room is for those who want to gather and discuss cultural fusion through quilts.

My book is a reflection of my creative life of past 25 years and my quilts are documents of my creativity in transition - Ever changing and evolving. In this fast-paced world, we are accustomed to making quilts to match its speed. I hope you join me to slow down and focus on creating instead of making.
Grab a cup of tea and enjoy the conversations of bright, bold, happy and dull colors, gentle curves, and straight lines all in one place.  

Welcome to my living room!

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  1. Sujata - I pieced a top recently from your "Cultural Fusion Quilts" book....would this be a suitable place to show it? If so, I would like to be a 'contributor' to this blog! Thank you, Edith Schmitt...I can be reached at edithschmitt4@gmail.com


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