Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Mindy's Orange Slices - Pure Goodness

There nothing like receiving an email with beautiful pictures of finished quilts. Mindy's quilt is full of energy and her colors tell a story. 

She writes - 
''It was so cold and gray but the colors were sunny and happy. I realized during a break that the Halos I was eating mimicked the colors in the quilt so I named it, “Orange Slices-Pure Goodness”. 

Movement in this quilt is eye-catching!

I also love the backing. Her friend did a great job of machine quilting. Simple swirls is all you need!

Thank you Mindy for sharing you quilt. 


Monday, July 6, 2015

Chrisitne's Twins

I LOVE this quilt!

It's even better because there is another one! My friend Christne Kamon made two queen size quilts using Peppermint Pinwheels pattern from the book!

And the party does not end there.

How about these Geese?

Christine made these runners while she was running up and down form PA to Maryland during her move.

Geese Flying South!

I made an executive decision of sharing this photo even thought the beauty in the center is not made with free-form blocks. Those wonky geese next to straight line serves a purpose.. Don't you think? Not to mention the inspiration that quilt provides!

She is a creative soul, prolific quilter and my good friend. Too bad she doesn't blog. We sure are  missing out on a lot! Read more about this jewel in the center on my blog!