Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Chinese Coin Quilt with Cultural Fusion Borders

I've been working with Chinese Coins as an alternative use for strings and finally finished this quilt. Only a year in the making. Wanting to continue the freehand cutting and piecing, I made the borders with ideas from Sujata's book.

The navy and purple diamonds of the inner border used her Hourglass instructions while the pennants of the outer border started as Endless Mountains. It was exciting to combine different quilting instructions into an original work, to mix scissor cutting with rotary cutting, and to work with a broad range of scraps and colorful fabric from my stash. More details on my blog.

Thanks for your friendship and inspiration, Sujata.



  1. That really is a great border for the coin center. Perfect!

  2. Love all of the different things going on and all the different fabrics. I went to your blog and see that it is big- how cool!

    1. Thanks, Linda. It is a busy quilt but I enjoyed every step.

  3. Ann, this is stunning, busy and vibrant but full of life. I love it. Thanks for popping over to my humble blog too. I love Sujata's work and will do more of her patterns, once I'm finished my multiple tops.

  4. Ann, What a great finish! I am curious to see this quilt in person soon. We should talk!

  5. These are such fun to see! Great to mix things up and include the wonderful borders from Sujata. Especially like the line of black bits between the two colors. Super finish. I read your blog and really appreciate the details on the quilting too! : )


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