Monday, June 22, 2015

Rail Fence by Barb

One of the beauties of designing patterns is to see different interpretations of your designs. As I posted earlier on my blog, it was impossible to make different versions of each quilt in the book. Now that the book is out, I get to see many versions, some suggested in the book and others completely new being shown around the blogland.

Here is the one made by Barb Vedder of Fun with Barb. You can read about her process on her blog. I personally love this quilt, its layout and the colors.. It is so graphic with all that movement. It makes me want to try this version. 
Speaking of which...
Earlier someone had mentioned about starting a sew along for this pattern. I think if any, this pattern would be great to work with. If there was no deadline, would you be interested in making one? If so, start one this summer and please post it here. I too might just make another one for fun.


  1. I too love this quilt, especially the borders which contain it beautifully. I would definitely be interested in a sew along my eldest two grandchildren haven't had a quilt from me for around 9 years, they're now teenagers and this would be ideal for one of them. As I'm busy, yet again, trying to get more order in my studio I would begin on 1st July! Great idea.

  2. Thanks for featuring my Boy Quilt. I would make another one - they are so fun! count me in in a sew along.
    this such a fun fun pattern

  3. Barb...You did a wonderful job...I love yours.

  4. For sure, I'm in Sujata, I'd like to give the Toran a try with the multiples of scraps to use up.

  5. I will be back home in September (or maybe late August) but would like to participate in this. Really want to experiment with colors and your designs!


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