Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Peppermint Pinwheel Pillow

Try saying that fast a few times!
I was given three fat quarters last week, and turned them into this. Being fat quarters, I had to make my squares smaller (8 1/2" cut). But it's cute and I'm planning on the larger version.
I have a question though. Maybe it's because I started with a smaller square, but when I sewed the final seam, there was such a thick gob of fabric in the middle that I couldn't even sew through it. I was glad for the appliqué square in the middle as I just cut the gob away after I sewed it down. Any ideas? I did cut away a corner as suggested in the pattern.
Thanks again Sujata, for a great book. And to everyone else who has made this quilt....I've been studying your photos and they're all beautiful.


  1. Oh, isn't that cushion lovely, that's it, I've decided, today is play day. Enough work already, wow it takes so much time to write a book, goodness!

  2. Cheryl, Your Peppermint Pinwheel Pillow is perfect for the season. I understand why you had so much bulk in the center. To avoid the bulk either you have to start with larger squares or use walking foot to piece those four blocks together. Applique the center and then trim off the center of the block behind the appliqued square or circles. I think this is the first pillow I have seen. It would make a cute addition to a girl's room.

    1. Im glad you like it and it was a good way to work out the bugs. Thank you for the suggestions. I'm looking forward to making the full size blocks.

  3. What a great way to USE those three fat quarters!

  4. Really cute - I haven't tried this block yet, or even read the directions but will pin this to remind me of the discussion. Thanks!


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