Friday, January 8, 2016

Diagonal blades

Inspired by Sujata's Instagram postings,
I decided to make a cultural fusion quilt of my own.
I unearthed a partial charm pack of solids
and started layering and cutting.
At first I started with wide blades
but then experimented with narrower ones.

I laid out the blades according to colour and size
opening up the slices as they moved across the quilt.

Here is the whole top.
The 5 inch charms were cut down to 4 inches after the blades were inserted.
The flimsy measures 17.5 by 35 inches.

I'm ready to handquilt.

Thanks Sujata for the inspiration!


  1. Very, very nice! The movement and colors are soothing and fresh!

  2. I can only second the comments from Linda, the sense of movement created is wonderful.

  3. Lovely colors. Changing blade sizes makes a unique statement.

  4. Wondering if you use different shades of blue, it may look like waves in the water or use fall colors to look like leaves blowing all over the country side.
    I love your take on freeform lattice blocks.

  5. Really like the blend of sizes -- happy hand quilting. BHope you will share again when you finish.

  6. I have some similar fabric colors in solids, I should pop one of these off and link back here. Cool Sujata, so really looking forward to reading your posts and progress.


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