Friday, March 3, 2017

Quilting my blades

It's taken me nearly a year,
but I'm almost finished quilting my small blade wallhanging,
which measures 17 by 34 inches.
I made it from a set of Denyse Schmidt solid charm squares
at the beginning of 2016.

I machine quilted it with  Aurifil threads
of various weights and colours

and then threaded a crewel needle for some big stitching
inside the blades.

I still like it, and I'm wondering why it took me so long to quilt.


  1. hand quilting in the blades will finish this off beautifully. Like you I tend to leave things when at the flimsy stage but have quilted 9 so far this year only 4 to go and they have been put on hold for a bit longer

  2. Funny isn't it why we sometimes take so long to finish things. I have several quilts that need their quilting sio I understand! Lovely finish!

  3. Perfect quilting design. A cross between waves and tree bark. It adds such movement, Brenda. Congratulations.

  4. It's very nice; sometimes we just need to put some space between projects and take a fresh look later. Well done :-)

  5. Sensational! Well worth the year long wait!

  6. Brenda, Your quilting looks beautiful! Sometimes it is worth the wait. I have often ignored the top and then for some crazy reason it comes out of the closet and gets finished. I find it is also nice have a creative break between designing and finishing a quilt.
    I am looking forward to the final finish.


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