Thursday, March 19, 2015

Traditional Indian quilt making - only hand sewing and old clothes

This lady is so swift, makes about 8-10 quilts in a day. Please watch this carefully readers, its amazing!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Rail Fence

I loved the slightly off-kilter blocks in Sujata's book. I'd never done any kind of curves before, and I'm so glad I tried.
 I really tried to emphasize the irregularity of the "rails."

I also tried to contrast the shapes of the prints in each block somehow. The letterscript in straight lines here contrasts with the more tightly coiled, curvy print in the red.

Here the dark green is full of curves and the white/green is very rectilinear.

 It was quite a juggling act to balance all the really wild blocks and prints with those that were more "conservative."

The ants on the backing and the bugs on the binding seemed appropriate for a "fence" quilt. The quilt was quilted with freehand baptist fans, to contrast with the craziness of the blocks.

It seemed appropriate, somehow, to photograph this quilt on newly fallen snow.

Sunny in Seattle

Rail Fence made by Rose Burkette

 It makes me want to sing. What about you?

Sunday, March 15, 2015

I made this version of Toran for a friend's baby and called it "Willkommen" - German for welcome. I used soft aqua and pale blues and set the blocks on point so they look like flags hanging in rows.  I quilted it in wavy, breezy lines and used a backing of pinky orange with blue and aqua butterflies.

Thanks for the pattern Sujata.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Cover Quilt

I am drawn to quilts with strong graphics.  I also like crooked lines!  The rail fence is the first quilt I've made from the book.  The size was limited by the fabric ... I had a number of French fat quarters purchased at a quilt show and that is what I chose to use.  I added a few reds of my own to round out the selection.

I both hand and machine quilt, but this quilt got the machine treatment.  I used walking foot and variegated thread, stitching lines 1/2" apart.  I have done this before on a couple of other wall quilts and love the texture it creates.