Monday, March 16, 2015

Rail Fence

I loved the slightly off-kilter blocks in Sujata's book. I'd never done any kind of curves before, and I'm so glad I tried.
 I really tried to emphasize the irregularity of the "rails."

I also tried to contrast the shapes of the prints in each block somehow. The letterscript in straight lines here contrasts with the more tightly coiled, curvy print in the red.

Here the dark green is full of curves and the white/green is very rectilinear.

 It was quite a juggling act to balance all the really wild blocks and prints with those that were more "conservative."

The ants on the backing and the bugs on the binding seemed appropriate for a "fence" quilt. The quilt was quilted with freehand baptist fans, to contrast with the craziness of the blocks.

It seemed appropriate, somehow, to photograph this quilt on newly fallen snow.


  1. I do like the varied widths and angles in this quilt and the baptist fan quilting really emphasises the diagonal movement.

  2. Lynne, I love everything about this quilt. Starting with you had never tried curves before! Isn't it easier that we think? For me, the moment I let go of the idea of perfection, everything became easier.. The moment I forgot about how it will look in the end, it became more fun. Gentle curves are mimicking the hand done work of so many many quilters from the past. I was just looking at the pictures from my India trip. Quilts made without tools are my favorites of all kind!
    You did great with the quilting this quilt too. Love the picture on the snow! Thank you so much for posting it here. Please make some more! I can not wait to see what you do next.

  3. Terrific post for a perfectly wonderful quilt (I saw the top in person before it was quilted - SO much fun looking at the fabric combinations, knowing Lynne specifically paired each combination).

  4. snow and a lovely quilt!! wonderful

  5. I think this is fabulous. I love your fabric selections and combinations, especially the ants and bugs - I am also keen on insect printed fabrics especially dragonflies and put one on every quilt somewhere. Can't wait to try this pattern myself...

  6. Balanced beautifully! Thanks for the detail on your decisions.


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