Thursday, January 28, 2016

A new Toran

     I have been string piecing along ready to get enough blocks to make a Toran, (p. 30, in case you missed it). Finally, I was able to piece it together. I do not think I will make a border. The blocks were trimmed at 9", so the finished blocks were 8 1/2". I have more details and process photos on my blog. I made the cuts a bit curvier as I wanted a wavy flow. It was a lot of fun!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

maybe red is my new neutral

Over the last few days I've been trying to make a few decisions about my latest quilt, a twist on the traditional Kaleidoscope quilt, inspired by Sujata's 'Organised Chaos' quilt.

Those corner triangles were proving to be a tricky decision!
I lay all 20 blocks out on the floor and looked at them {and walked around them} for a few days
I trialled a few options
and then...

... hm-m-m- maybe red really is my new neutral after all!

See here and here for more details 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Batik Rail fence quilted

     The Batik Rail Fence that I made with 6" batik strips is all quilted. I have details on my blog of the quilt designs, here
     I have 7 blocks left over and need to come up with some batik combinations to make another one.
Still needs a binding, not going to use a border

Happy Accident is Finished

This is the "front" of Happy Accident.

62" x 62"

And this is the "back" of the quilt.

Quilted by Debbie Voigt.

* * *

I started this one last August 
during a workshop with Sujata in St. Louis.

You can read more about the quilt
and see a few more photos
over on my blog.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Diagonal blades

Inspired by Sujata's Instagram postings,
I decided to make a cultural fusion quilt of my own.
I unearthed a partial charm pack of solids
and started layering and cutting.
At first I started with wide blades
but then experimented with narrower ones.

I laid out the blades according to colour and size
opening up the slices as they moved across the quilt.

Here is the whole top.
The 5 inch charms were cut down to 4 inches after the blades were inserted.
The flimsy measures 17.5 by 35 inches.

I'm ready to handquilt.

Thanks Sujata for the inspiration!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

First finish of 2016

My third quilt from Cultural Fusion. I finished the quilting today and sewed on the binding. It still needs a label, but I'm counting it a finish!