Sunday, February 22, 2015


I found the time to play .
I had chosen some blues and the teal fabric and by accident had that gorgeous feathered fabric laying on my cutting table. So I added the pink, black and brown and here I am with the center of a small wallhanging...
I'll add some borders and of course the feathers :-)))

I've used the layout of the windmills but made a smaller version, the unfinished block size is 4,5".

Sujata, what a wonderful inspiring book you've written !



  1. This is really cool in temp. looking. Who makes the feather fabric and do you have an online shop?

  2. Oh I love this Heidi -especially your absolutely glorious feather fabric which. Blocks and feathers together make a beautifully peaceful hanging, very calming!! I agree with you, Sujata has given us an inspiring book.

  3. The feather fabric is great!

  4. I just came across this blog today and thought I would share it here in case anyone else was interested :)

  5. I love the feather fabric too...looks like it will go well with your blocks...nice to see another post on here.

  6. Me too! Love the feathers! Adorable little wall hanging. I think the blocks balance very well with the border fabrics. Sorry for being absent from here.Heidi, thank you for your sweetness. I have been away and am clueless on how my book is doing. Thanks for posting here.

  7. Thank you :-)
    Caroline, the fabrics is by Martha Negley , Westminster Fiber Fabrics and it's called 'Feathers' ;-)

  8. So pretty ... show us again, please, when it's finished!


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