Monday, February 23, 2015

Now onto the Quilting!

Finished sewing Sailing Through Suez  and now have to get my head around
how I would like to quilt. Bit tricky this one.

Minimal quilting is the order of the day I feel, my initial thoughts are to hand quilt just the 
solid "strips" and leave the Rings fabric without any, I need to shop around for  four different
variegated finer Perle cotton to match up
with the solids first off.

If anyone has any inspired ideas please do let me know!!
The story about this small piece will be told when it's quilted and bound, would
have done this today but have a shocker
of a cold etc. and I'm off back to sip hot honey and lemon
and put my feet up with a good quilting book!

Good to see you're back Sujata!



  1. Wonderful quilt! Great use of those spots. It will look great with perle cotton.

  2. Oh, Maureen -- this is FABULOUS !!! (like the quilting idea you propose)

  3. Maureen, this is gorgeous! I am sure however you choose to quilt it will work great. I would go with simple waves across the quilt. I can't wait to get back in the studio!

  4. Maureen, I see awesome waves running down between your triangles. I'm thinking like a fish, who look for the easiest place to go around the rock obsticles. How do I contribute, would love to help spread the joy of Sujata's book.
    Carli the quilter at gmail dot com

  5. Simply wonderful ! And yes, I think simple quilting would be perfect .

  6. Thank you so much ladies! Just waiting for my chosen thread to arrive, didn't have quite what I had in mind in my thread drawers!

  7. Maureen, I hope your thread arrived and oyu have been busy quilting these geese! Can't wait to see the pictures of added texture to this quilt.

    1. Thread has arrived safe Sujata! Only just begun the quilting due to having been unwell for two weeks - fingers crossed for a finish next week!

  8. Replies
    1. Thank you, I can't wait to have this one finished up and start on another Cultural Fusion quilt!

  9. How are you doing on this? It's gorgeous & I would love to see it when it's finished!


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