Monday, April 6, 2015

My Toran Is Finished

Quite Happy with the Outcome!

The border is the same fabric as the background ... 
with a few slashes on each side.
The binding is made up of the colorful strips pieced together.
The back is leftover pieces of the front fabric plus some others.
I consider this a practice piece as I was using my new machine &
still misuse some of its features such as the foot thread cutter.
 I used a walking foot with a variegated green thread for two of the
"organic" lines & then switched to a variegated yellow thread &
did my first ever free motion line on a quilt.
(It's the one with uneven stitches between the two greens.)


  1. Margaret,there is some serious party going on here! I love your quilt! Aren't those organic lines fun? I love them when I hand quilt.
    Are you now happy with your background choice?

    1. Yes, Sujata, I think that the background works although initially I was unsure. I wanted to hand quilt those organic lines, but between the back & the front I felt there were too many seams.

    2. Margaret, I absolutely love this quilt. It is lively and vibrant.. those stripes create a drama contrasting to the movement of the curved piecing of string blocks. Just beautiful! I think how you quilted looks great!

  2. I really love did not have to show us any flaws!!! We love it anyway:)

  3. Wonderful movement in the quilt due to the way you have set the blocks, I also think that your background fabric emphasises that sense of movement. Love it!

  4. Thanks, all, for your support!

  5. Very electrifying. Great choice in background, beautiful quilt.

  6. This looks amazing Margaret, different to any quilt I've seen before.


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