Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Red Quilt

This one stayed as a top for a long time.. I am so glad it is finally a little wall quilt. I absolutely love the texture hand-quilting has created. More to come and more pictures on my blog.

And the story behind this picture or the drums -

Shail, my son loved playing ''Tabla'' when he was a little boy. When we came back from a visit to India during his elementary years, he insisted that we bring these drums along with us. He played them for a while. He even took some lessons in his high school years. I simply love seeing these on the table in out living room. When playing these drums, you are supposed to use your palms and knuckles of your fingers, finger tips.. all in harmony.

I can play a bit but it is nothing you would want to hear.. If you did hear me, I am afraid you may just run right out the door!

Shapes, lines, colors, textures.. How would you use these forms in a quilt?


  1. What a vibrant little quilt! I love the way you have set the drums below and are the drums sitting inside two bangles?
    You ask how we would use the forms in your second picture in a quilt - perhaps we should all get busy and see what we can produce!!

    1. The drums are sitting on a doughnut like ring made with fabric so they have holes in the center to give those drums AKA Tabla some stability.
      Feel free to take on a challenge until I come up with one. I would love to see what you do with these shapes and freeform blocks.

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  3. Love the way you combine objects in your photography! And I like your challenge to see what we could do with those lines, textures, and colors . . .

  4. I like the vibrant colors in your little quilt and you're so right, hand quilting adds such a nice texture to a quilt.


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