Saturday, September 12, 2015

scattered petals {a WiP}

I wasn't going to make another free form quilt...
 but the temperatures are getting warmer, the trees are blossoming
and sometimes it's just nice to whip up something fun & pretty in pastels
- like this 'scattered petals' quilt

trial free form block

using up the last of those lovely silky fabrics

Quilt Stats:
 Inspired by the colour scheme in one Sujata's latest quilts 
and based on the 'windmills' pattern from her book, Cultural Fusion Quilts
Made from a scrappy selection of stash fabrics 
including Amy Butler, assorted solids, along with a little bit of Kaffe. 
edit: I quite like the idea of those petals continuing to cascade over the edge
- so I think I may just add a border

Linda from kokaquilts


  1. wonderful fabrics and colors. Can't wait to see the top/quilt

  2. My reaction, too ... pretty colors & beautiful fabrics ... soft like "scattered petals"

  3. Thank you all for the lovely comments above! This ‘free form’ idea doesn’t come easy or instinctively to me, but once you start it’s a lot of fun! Linda

  4. A softly glowing quilt. How pretty.

    1. Thank you Ann, I’m having a little play with it now, unpicking & moving just a couple of ‘petals’ to try & help it blend smoothly! Linda

  5. Linda. I like the name so much! Really pretty take of this pattern with floral patterns. I also like the idea of petals spilling out on the borders.

    1. Thank you Sujata! It’s a lot of fun! The actual block tends to get lost a little right in the middle, where there’s a bit of a wild flurry of petals - but I quite like that, just like nature! Linda


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