Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Experiment Shared

When I was piecing Midtown Vibe,
I considered mixing up some of the block segments.

I saved these photos for future reference --
and I'm pretty sure this is what Sujata meant
in her comment on my previous post . . . 


  1. Yes ... I agree this is what Sujata meant but the changes would be amped up because
    of all the pattern changes in your black & white.

  2. the more I see these lovelies....the more I want to try them.

  3. I did! I would make all the units and scatter them all over the quit. Looks fabulous and thank you for posting the pictures. We are in San Francisco. It's been two days, I am loving it here. Did not bring any sewing with me just yet so I am going to quit through reading blogs when I get the chance.


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