Thursday, October 18, 2018

Student Work

I am half way through the teaching of four classes
from Sujata's book at one of our local quilt shops.

Geri brought in her finished Rail Fence for show and tell.

(many of the students in that class opted for the pinwheel layout)

This second class features the Peppermint Pinwheel design.

This evening student is using a consistent light background
with multiple bright colors for the alternate blocks.

This evening student LOVES wild saturated colors.

Three of her blocks feature this dark feather design -
I can't wait to see what she brings in next week.

One of the daytime students is making a Christmas version -
her fabrics are fabulous (she's working from fat quarters).

And this daytime student added her own twist on the design.

She's using a consistent background
with one block in the darker blue,
one block in the print blue,
and one using both blues.

She's planning to use this approach throughout 
her 25 block quilt top.

I'm looking forward to our next classes
just to see what else these ladies come up with!



  1. Love the blocks! Wish I was there making some!

  2. Stunning work by your students Julie!

  3. Super colourful blocks from your class Julie, I'm hoping to make a Peppermint Pinwheel quilt next year.


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