Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Super Students

Lani brought in her completed top 
from our August Rail Fence class.

I really like the way she combined two different 
alternate layouts to create this "greek key" version.

And she had four extra blocks,
so they will be worked into the quilt's backing.

double click to super size

Jean shared this photo of her completed
Rail Fence quilt top - taken just before
it was taken to the long arm-er for quilting.

Her piano key border was a great choice.

Now to the just-completed Peppermint Pinwheels class.

Geri is using Kona Spring with an assortment
of red and white prints for her Christmas-y version.

Marie is also doing a Christmas version
using a consistent green with a mix of holiday prints.

Martha is using newsprint with lots of colors.

She'll be adding these three to the nine blocks 
she has already sewn together.

Tori went with a striking black/white and brights layout.

(look at the clear cup directly behind her sewing machine -
she puts her spool of thread inside and feeds it up through
the straw hole - and she uses the lidded cup to transport
her thread plus small scissors, seam ripper, etc.)

Alice is using a Paris-themed neutral with multiple brights.

(be sure to see her block collage below)

In the evening class, Connie went for her
favorite super-saturated colors.

SO many interesting prints and textures.

After last week's class,
Linda completely changed her game plan.

Her new Halloween version is fabulous.

Kathy's Ink and Arrow prints are mixed with
a tone-on-tone cream.

In person, this one has a gorgeous stained-glass feel.

Lani went with a mix of patriotic and wintry fabrics,
most with glitter and sparkle.

This collage will enlarge if double-clicked
so you can see Alice's mixed fabric blocks.

They definitely add interest in her quilt top
without being overly-obvious.

And this was an "accident" that could easily
 inspire another layout of this block.

I love moments like this.

* * *

Two terrific classes.

Thank you ladies 
for having so much fun
with Sujata's design.


  1. Oh boy, that was a lot of fun seeing all the different versions of the same design. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You have got to be kidding me! Your students are amazing and look at all the colorful creations in one place! They are obviously having a great time! I want to visit this classroom Julie! Bravo!!

  3. Amazing variations of such cool ideas put forth from Sujata!

  4. Great patterns + good students + fantastic teacher = wonderful results.

  5. Wish I still lived in NH, I would definitely have signed up for this class. I have Sujata's book - and love it. What wonderful results your students had.

  6. What delightful classes. So many results to share.

  7. Hi Ann what beautiful work the ladies have done,i think you are a fantastic teacher and the girls look like they are having heaps of fun.I am also your newest follower ,hope you will visit and follow me too,love your blog.


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