Friday, December 14, 2018

Two Shop Samples for Upcoming Class

In January, I'll be teaching another class
from Cultural Fusion Quilts at our LQS.

This time we'll be making LATTICE.

This sample top started with a layer cake
in wintery grays, creams, and whites.

We added burgundy, brown, hunter green, 
and a couple of prints to the mix.

It has been well-received by shop visitors so far.

And because so many of the shop's regulars
are color-lovers, I made a second sample
using wild brights and a different layout.

(that's my No Ugly Flowers quilt on the left 
from our October Peppermint Pinwheels class)

The best news is that Fabric for the Flock
is also selling copies of the book 
to customers who are not taking the classes just because
they are excited about the samples hanging in the shop.

(they can't get over how different the designs are
and how uniquely cool each one is -
and all from one book)



  1. Beautiful quilts. I made a lattice a while ago and loved it, but it was used as a comfort quilt, so it is gone. I have been saving a huge collection of gray prints for this pattern and wondering if I have to bring in some other colors. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Loving both of these samples Julie. I'm not a fan of brown but I think you have created a wonderful quilt.

  3. What fun helping people stretch their quilting skills and vision.

  4. Looks like you AND your students are having lots of fun and making beautiful things in your classes. Yippee!


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