Saturday, March 21, 2020

Just Checking In

I am well and self-isolating despite the fact that the governor of our state (Missouri) has done nothing to ensure that the entire state is on the same page. Thanks goodness for local officials who are. Just checking in to say everything is fine here.Lots of quilting going on, also knitting,  gardening, and reading. If I get really bored I might even clean out closets or organize my sewing room.


  1. Oh so glad to hear you are doing okay; stay safe there now...
    We are sheltering in place and only going out for necessary far so good...hugs and prayers Julierose

  2. Well, New York is a federal disaster. But keep in mind, it is mostly the NYC area. I live in Buffalo, NY and we are not doing bad except everything had to be shut down because of the downstate stuff. I hung quilts outside for National Quilting Day today.

  3. Here in Charlotte, NC We are scared to death. I am at home with my grands..I stress until I sit down at the computer...and off I go on the road to happiness..

  4. Hello Mary Ellen, Linda and Diane!

    Thank you for checking in. Glad to know you are all okay. We are staying close to home. Mostly home, My husband is working from home after the shut down. I am just starting to feel the bug of quilting again and thankful for that. Two of my kids are only half an hour away and they are too keeping themselves safe. Hope you all stay safe and well.

  5. We are in full lockdown here in New Zealand. Everyone has to stay home and can not leave unless to medical, pharmacy and supermarket - not every day, they're suggesting one person from the household goes for groceries once each week. A state of National Emergency was declared by our Prime Minister which gives greater powers and police can stop and check any person or vehicle. Folks over 70 have to say home, also those who are considered high risk due to underlying chronic health problems. Stay safe everyone.


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