Thursday, December 18, 2014

A New Direction

While patiently waiting for an email saying that Sujata's book on pre-order was being shipped, I was experimenting with two different ideas on one of my design walls.  One was to use mostly solid string blocks.  Each one had the same diagonal strip and one corner that would be identical in each block.  The other idea was to make improv b/w pinwheel blocks that I had seen demonstrated by Malka Dubrawsky.  Then I got the idea to combine both of these and this is where I am at the moment:

After combining the two ideas, I not only changed the original layout of the string blocks but also all the diagonals to b/w prints and all the matching corners to random strips.  I'm not sure if it will remain this way or maybe I will separate & scatter those pinwheels ... just not sure about the divide down the middle.  For now it will just sit while I think about what I feel it needs.  If there is anything you really like about how it's looking, I'd love to know.

Also, I recently finished a quilt that was a combination from what I thought was going to be two different quilts; and I'm working on another that is a combination.  Have you done this too?  For me it's a whole new direction!


  1. I love this evolving quilt on the design wall. those pop on the black and white pinwheels look amazing! I am curious to see what you do after it sits on the design wall for a bit.
    I have combined couple of projects recently. Will post them at a later time.
    Hope your book arrives soon!

  2. I am looking forward to seeing the finished quilt here. The black and white print in the centre of the strips really fits with the sliver of colour in your black and white pinwheels - I would never have thought of that but it looks so good. Although it's a work in progress I hope you keep the HST borders. I've never worked on combining what I intended to be two different quilts but I have totally changed direction in the middle of working on one.

  3. Oh my gosh, this is going to be FABULOUS! I can't tell you how much I love it. Onward!

  4. LOVE the addition of black and white -- this will be SUCH a fun quilt . .. keep going!!!


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