Monday, December 15, 2014

A wonderful welcome ….

Thank you Sujata for such a wonderful, warm welcome to your living room!

I am so excited to be taking part in your blog and looking forward to
this new journey.
 As you know I am buying your book but I decided to also download the ebook version 
and then I could get started!

I have gone with a Flying Geese setting using your Hourglass block and below I have 
the beginnings on my design wall, nothing set in concrete yet but I
do love the Rings  and the shaded fabrics together - they will definitely stay 

Sailing Through Suez
 my instinct is to go with the geese
all pointing upwards rather than alternating directions as above and I have just pinned
pieces of folded Rings fabric on the wide strips to
get an idea of how they would look together, I'm happy!

This is a very basic and brief first post as I am off back to my design wall to play some more and then
more sewing. Hoping I can have this together next week.
Looking forward to "meeting" everyone else at Cultural Fusion Quilts!



  1. Hi Maureen your geese look wonderful!! I agree that the ring fabrics look wonderful with the shaded fabrics!! Have fun playing!!

    1. Thanks so much - more fun playing later after a cuppa. Love your quilt shown on the Blog Tour - one of my favourites in Sujata's book.

  2. Sailing through Suez, those geese are looking mighty fine! Keep going Maureen!

  3. I like this...the ombre really gives movement. Keep going!


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