Friday, December 19, 2014

Party Hat Optional

Party Hat Optional  --  53" x 73" 

My quilt top was inspired by 
the Toran pattern in Sujata's new book..

(I had placed my pre-order for the book 
the very first day Sujata shared the news on her blog,
so I was VERY happy when it finally arrived!)

* * *

You can read about my  string quilt's genesis
starting HERE and continuing HERE.

The top's actual construction happened all within a single week!

Here are the links to each stage of the top's evolution:

* * *

Folded backing on left, folded top on right

One of my goals for January
is to quilt Party Hat Optional . . .

When I do, I'll be sure to share photos here.

* * *

Thanks for the inspiration, Sujata!


  1. Thank you for sharing your Party Hat, Julie! I was looking back at how quickly this came together for you. Looking forward to the pictures of it quilted and bound.

  2. Julie, I enjoyed reading about the evolution of your quilt on your blog pages and look forward to more photos as you decide on the quilting design. This is a wonderful design ... and I remember an earlier Toran quilt that I loved made with blues & oranges on Sujata's blog. I'm sure I'll be playing with this pattern, too.


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